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One Visit Dentistry

Our practice uses computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to scan, design and mill custom-made restorations in a single visit. This advanced technology saves our patients significant time and cost, preventing multiple appointments with lab work in between and also produces highest quality results, avoiding re-work due to imperfect fittings.

Digital Radiography & Intraoral Cameras

We have evolved into the new millennium with digital sensors for x-rays instead of chemically processed photographic film. This saves our patients time while offering a safer alternative known to reduce radiation by 40 to 60%. Images are captured using intraoral cameras that connect to computers, allowing patients to see what their doctors are seeing simultaneously.

Apex Locator

One of the keys to painless root canals lies in accurate determination of root canal spaces. Our doctors use electronic apex locators for utmost precision in determining position and length. These devices are more accurate than radiography and help minimize bleeding, pain and swelling.

Endo Obturation System

For treated root canals to stay healed over the years, they must be filled completely and densely with an airtight seal. Our dentists achieve utmost precision in this process using state-of-the-art obturation technology.

Laser Cavity Detection

Our dentists can now locate hidden decay (from the inside, out) before it destroys tooth structure. They do this using a pen-like instrument that scans teeth with harmless laser light. The early detection is key, allowing for treatment that can stop the spread of disease before it destroys teeth from within.

Electric Hand Pieces

Electric hand pieces enable increased precisionover traditional instruments, allowing dentists to complete treatment faster, with much less effort. They also significantly reduce noise and vibration, which results in utmost comfort for our patients.

Laser-Assisted Whitening

Laser whitening is a dentist-assisted procedure that involves the application of a bleaching agent and the use of laser light to activate and accelerate the whitening process. Our dentists use diode laser technology, which offers key advantages for patients including a shorter treatment time, reduced tooth sensitivity and minimal gum irritation.

Advanced Sterilization Technology

Our practice features a dedicated lab area with advanced sterilization equipment where we employ the latest techniques to disinfect, sterilize and wrap instruments before each use.

Water Purification System

Our practice differentiates itself by providing advanced water treatment technology developed by NASA to ensure water used to treat our patients is free of bacteria, viruses and any other harmful organisms.

i-CAT FLX Cone Beam Scanner

Our new, award-winning  i-CAT scanner allows our dentists to treat patients with greater surgical predictability and confident outcomes using specialized 3D treatment planning tools.  i-CAT’s high resolution, volumetric images and complete 3D views enable a more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation. By collecting precise data and mapping an entire course of treatment, the surgical placement of the implants and abutments is greatly facilitated.

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