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Emergency pain relief when you need it

An infected tooth can spread throughout the body, leading to life-threatening ailments. At Lake Lucerne Lifestyle Dentistry, our dentists have ample experience and top technology to enable successful performance of endodontic treatments, eliminating bacteria from infected root canals, preventing reinfection and saving the natural tooth. We feel strongly that endodontic treatments are a bit of an art-form, and should only be performed by experienced dentists who will responsibly "do the right thing" with utmost precision and care, including:

  1. Removal of the inflamed or infected pulp
  2. Disinfecting, cleaning and drying tooth roots, inside
  3. Filling and sealing tooth roots, air-tight.

Whenever one or more of these steps is incorrectly or incompletely done, the risk of re-infection (and eventual tooth loss) is great.  Our cosmetic dentists in Orlando collaborate regularly with preferred specialists in the nearby area, and will refer patients out whenever the diagnosis calls for a higher level of care.  Endodontic specialists may be available more readily, have a far higher level of expertise, and more specialized equipment to enable complex procedures such as root amputations, re-treatments, teeth with complicated fractures, second or third molars with extreme inclinations or rotations, root curvatures, additional roots, very long roots, calcified canals, and canals with extensive resorption.

When endodontic treatments can be performed by our dentists, the great benefit for the patient is that they can treat and restore the tooth in one single location, the insurance (where applicable) is centrally processed, avoiding unnecessary billing issues.

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Tell tale signs a root canal treatment may be needed

When bacteria invades a tooth and makes its way to the core, the pulp will inevitably become infected, causing pressure and throbbing pain that can be tough to endure.  Normally, this is the result of untreated tooth decay, old fillings that "leak" or crowns with exposed margins, or damage to teeth as a result of trauma, such as a fall. Generally, you know when you have a pulp infection when consuming hot or cold foods/drinks or biting down on the infected tooth causes sharp pain.  A few tips to keep in mind:

  1. The pain will subside when the nerve becomes necrotic (it dies). This does not mean the infection is gone. It means it is traveling further along.
  2. Swelling of the gum near the affected tooth, pus oozing from the affected tooth, a swollen cheek or jaw, or the tooth becoming a darker color are all signs of the infection worsening.
  3. The pulp cannot heal by itself once it's infected.
  4. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for the dentist to save the tooth.
  5. Antibiotics will help treat infection but are not effective in eliminating root canal bacteria.

If you have throbbing pain or inflammation, call (407) 410-4489 to book an emergency visit with problem-focused examination.

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