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Dr. Gustavo De Oliveira, DMD
Dr. De Oliveira believes that patients need to be comfortable in the first place. He focuses on creating a soothing and safe environment in order to break the stigma that a dental visit should be feared. The latest technology is used in conjunction with a gentle approach and the result is high-end dentistry, delivered in a calming atmosphere.
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Dr. Michael J. Vallillo, DDS
Dr. Vallillo is recognized as one of the foremost experts on using dental implants to restore function and aesthetics. He has lectured nationally as well as internationally on occlusion dentistry, restorative dentistry, and implant prosthetics. He holds mastership status in American Academy of Implant Prosthetics and was a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists for 22 years.
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Dr. Rafael Loss, DMD
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Front Desk Administrator

Sidney Raiski

Sidney is our newest team member, with us since November 2017.  He is a welcome addition to our high-energy Front Desk, given his clinical training and dual-education (in his native Brazil, as well as the US).  In his home country, Sidney was an oral surgeon- and he is currently in pursuit of a US doctorate of medicine in dentistry.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Deb Reed

Deb is a warm-hearted, loving hygienist with nearly 20 years at our practice.  She specializes in DentalSpa™ therapy and enjoys delivering thorough, best-in-class treatment to her long-standing patients in a calm, spa-like environment.


Front Desk Administrator

Yvonne Langley

Yvonne is a level-headed, well organized office administrator with over 15 years at our practice. She keeps our wheels in motion each day, seamlessly tending to our valued patients and ensuring operations run smoothly.


Dental Assistant

Melinda Hurst

Melinda has been at our practice for over 13 years.  Her background in dental lab technology and certification in RestoraSpa™ allow Mel to bring value-added care and pampering to our patients.  RestoraSpa™ is a holistic technique that relaxes patients while they are in the dental treatment room.  Along with essential oils for dental aromatherapy, we use warm and cold stones and touch therapy to relax facial muscles and reduce inflammation.


Dental Assistant

Raquel Cimini Sluss

Raquel is a recent addition to our team, born in Brazil and raised in New Hampshire, USA.  Raquel is certified as an expanded functions dental assistant and is also cross-trained to assist with Front Desk duties whenever needed.  She brings good energy and charisma to our team, thanks to her sunny disposition and positive attitude. Raquel is a mother of a beautiful baby girl and enjoys outdoor activity in her spare time.


Dental Assistant

Sabreen Ibrahim

Sabreen was born in Palestine, and she is a very welcome, highly talented addition to our beautifully diverse team.  Sabreen is an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant – she is highly efficient, very fast moving while at the same time, entirely patient focused.  Sabreen comes to Lake Lucerne with many years of prior experience in Corporate dentistry. As such, she is accustomed to, and quite comfortable with the high-pace rhythm of high end dentistry.


Dental Assistant

Fredy Cuba

Fredy is a spiritual, highly effective professional with a gentle touch.  He joined our practice from his native country of Peru, where he assisted in holistic dentistry.  Fredy is from the city of Cusco, located in the Peruvian Andes which is known for its magical archaeological remains. El es bilingüe, lo que permite una comunicación fluida con nuestros pacientes hispanos.


Mini Helper

Dylan De Oliveira

Dylan is (voluntarily) employed at dad’s dental practice as a cleaner of all refrigerator (and snack drawer) content.  He does a wonderful job, helping daddy as much as he can, when he is on a break or is otherwise out of school.

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