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Losing teeth can be a traumatic experience at any age, whether by accident or as a result of long term decay.  We, at Lake Lucerne Lifestyle Dentistry, treat our edentulous patients with a great sense of urgency and responsibility. We understand that speed is critical, but more importantly, we want to create solutions that look beautiful, function accurately and last a long time.  There are various types of dental prosthetics that can be used for tooth replacement.  Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain.

Removable Denture (Traditional)

Patients who want dental prosthetics that are not removable can either use implants to support cemented dental bridges, or get implant-supported dentures. The cost is significantly greater, but the use of implants to replace tooth roots regenerates bone and restores jaw structure whereas removable dentures apply constant pressure against the bone resulting in continuous bone loss.  Implant supported bridges or dentures feel far more comfortable because they are palateless options and do not have so much acrylic overlapping with the gumline.  Fixed denture alternatives more closely resemble the look and feel of real teeth.  Patients basically forget they even have them, over time.  

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Implant Supported Denture (All-on-Four)

Within our in-house lab, our dental technicians can produce immediate prosthetics in advance, so we can position them as soon as teeth are removed. As a result, the wearer does not have to be without teeth during the healing period. 

Fixed vs. Removable Dentures: The Bottom Line

There are pros and cons associated with each denture option. A fixed implant supported denture is most optimal, but it's more expensive and not all patients have sufficient bone to support implants.  Removable dentures are far cheaper, but they can be very uncomfortable, they inhibit certain sports or activities, and they cause continuous bone loss and may result in facial deformities over time.

Our goal is to ensure the best care possible within each patient's financial means. This is why we work with most PPO dental insurance plans and we offer flexible lines of credit or medical loans to help patients with decent credit scores achieve their objectives with small monthly payments.

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