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Orlando Crown Fittings

Making Dentistry Luxurious & Relaxing

Going to the dentist shouldn’t be stressful or nerve-racking. It is estimated that up to 15% of Americans avoid the dentist because of fear or discomfort. At Lake Lucerne Lifestyle Dentistry, we’ve engineered a calming atmosphere where you can unwind while achieving a beautiful smile.

After a short wait in our beautiful waiting room, we will usher you back to our spa-like offices, where we will pamper you and care for your teeth. We book appointments all day and even offer RestoraSpa™ and DentalSpa™™ therapy to take the stress off after your dental procedure. We are proud to be the only dental clinic in Florida that is certified by OraSpa™.

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One Visit Dentistry for Crowns

A crown is like a snug cap, which completely surrounds the existing tooth. In most cases, we must reduce the size of the problem tooth in order to fit the crown over it. After milling back the tooth material, we will fit you with a crown and polish your teeth so that your new addition is not noticeable. This process will protect your overall health while improving the condition, strength, and appearance of your teeth.

You may need a crown if:

  • You have a weak or decaying tooth
  • You have a tooth that is broken
  • You have a tooth that has been worn down
  • Your tooth is misshapen or discolored
  • You have a large filling that has taken over most of your tooth
  • You desire cosmetic modifications
  • You need to hold a dental bridge in place
  • You want to cover a dental implant

Let Lake Lucerne Lifestyle Dentistry Help

While many dentists will require multiple visits for this dental process, we can complete it in one. We want to save you time while giving you an optimal experience. We use computer-aided design and manufacturing to create and apply your new crown in a single visit.

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    • “I came away with a great experience and feel the proper attention was given to me from the proper experts.”

      Previous Patient

    • “We feel that he does his job with love that's why he is so successful.”

      Vanessa O.

    • “I came out with my mouth feeling fresh and my teeth after two days still have the slit clean feeling.”

      Debra S.

    • “I had an amazing time today with the team of dentists at Lake Lucerne.”

      Fabiola F.

    • “His reputation definitely proceeds him!”

      Nikki F.

    • “Adorei não só atendimento do Dr. como também de toda a equipe dele.”

      Gleice C.

    • “Irei voltar com certeza é toda minha família!”

      Bartolomeu L.

    • “Dental cleaning with Deb was excellent as always! My teeth felt and looked great!”

      Eloise D.

    • “Ótima clínica secretaria e um doce o médico”

      Marta H.

    • “She is always very thorough and lets me know how I am doing with my dental health.”

      Nancy G.

    • “I appreciate the continuity of care, communicating with my periodontist and of course my wonderful hygienist, Deb.”

      Previous Patient

    • “We love this place!”

      Rachel G.

    • “He is everything I want in a dentist - knowledgeable, on the cutting edge and a kind, caring person.”

      James M.

    • “Never imagined that going to the dentist could be as relaxing as my experience.”

      Dorothy S.

    • “5-star crew at Lifestyle Dentistry.”

      Steven S.

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