How Technology Is Changing the Game in Dentistry

teeth xray

For many, a visit to the dentist has always been something to be feared. The popular imagination, our own previous experiences, the uncomfortable chair and the reputation that precedes the profession can lead to anxiety and tension, not only the day of the visit but also in the days before. However, technology has changed and dental treatment nowadays can be a lot of fun, painless and extremely educational.

Thanks to anesthesia—really nothing needs to hurt now, not even the injection itself. New technologies, combined with good manual technique, can eliminate any feeling of discomfort. There are devices now that control the speed, temperature and pH of the anesthetic application (so all the dentist needs to do is put the syringe in the right place!).

Ever heard of fillings that do not require anesthesia? The latest laser technology allows dentists to complete a variety of procedures, free of anesthesia, without causing discomfort to the patient. This ranges from fillings to minor surgery. We can operate much more quickly, accurately and stimulate healing much faster.

When it comes to implants, patients can now see exactly where the implant will be placed, the size, shape, and the final restoration in a three-dimensional (3D) radiograph that can be rotated in any direction. This type of visualization increases the chance of treatment plan success well before the surgical process itself. Modern 3D radiographs (taken in as little as 4 seconds) have much lower radiation levels than a walk in the sun or an airplane flight are able to give us so much information that a wrong diagnosis becomes an almost impossible.

Finally, now crowns, laminated veneers, and onlay/inlay restorations, can also be produced onsite, in a matter of hours, without the uncomfortable silicone imprints (molds), or the need for temporary crowns. For patients on the go, this allows for restorations to be solved in a single visit!

Virtually everything is done now digitally, which makes this type of visit much more fun and favorable to the patient, even without factoring the tremendous convenience of completing treatments that used to take months, in a single day.

Technology has come to stay and is part of our daily lives. Our smart phones, tablets, high-resolution and interactive TVs, applications and systems help us manage our lives far easier and faster than in yesteryears.

Why not use all these new advances in favor of general well-being and better oral health? I invite you to explore the new side of modern dentistry. Welcome to the digital age!

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